Roland Vincent, is a prolific composer with a deep sense of refrain, instinct of popular theme, taste for gimmick. His music comes tumbling nostalgically to mind for a lot of French and Européan fans, such as " Chez Laurette ", " Pour un flirt ", " Les divorcés", " Quand j'étais chanteur " he has written for his friend Michel Delpech.

Roland was impressed by the young artist' vibrant personality, they started to work together. The unique collaboration with Michel, fused the next year with an « Pour un flirt ", first gold record for the team. The famous Olympia is the new experience for Michel and Roland scoring success after success. At the end of 1980, Roland decides to move to Los Angeles, where he teamed up with Toto, Supertramp. In 1991 Roland returned to France with invaluable studio experience and threw his weight behind a new project with Michel Delpech. But Roland has also a fantastic track record and history with other artists : " L'amour ça fait passer le temps " for Marcel Amont," Azoy ", for Dalida " Jésus-Kitch " for Hervé Vilard, " Dans le coeur des hommes ", for Mireille Mathieu," etc... In 1969 Paul Vecchiali asked Roland to compose the music for his latest film " L'étrangleur ", with Jacques Perrin. To this date he has scored more than hundred feature, cable and telefilms. His music is rich and diverse, supporting a large array of Directors. Roland has been deeply involved in commercial activities and has written many of the jingles for, Palermo, Canderel, France Télécom, Vittel, Danone Michoko, Coral, etc.. and for Susuki, Alpine, Eastern Airlines, Auto Sans José for the American market. A composer without boundaries.