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I am very sad to hear about the death of composer Søren Hyldgaard (1962-2018).
Last year, I had a lot of contact with him about his wind band piece he wrote for me “Jules Verne on the moon”.
I will miss him dearly, I will do everything to keep his musical legacy alive.
Rest in Peace, Søren.
We are very proud to have a part of our catalogue distributed in North America by such a great company: FJH Music Company.
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Créé en 1993 par Louis MARTINUS, HAFABRA Music est spécialisé dans la musique pour orchestre d'harmonie (HArmonie, FAnfare et BRAss band ainsi que les CD's).



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Chupito Ramiro

In memory of all souls who gave their lives during The Great War 1914-1918

Fanfares in Remembrance

Louis Martinus
Louis Martinus


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