Australian outback

Australian outback

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[88938-2] Australian outback (Vol. 39)

Various orchestras and conductors

Orkest : Various orchestras and conductors
Dirigent : Various
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harmonie | fanfare | brass band
ArdennenklangSMEETS Roland
Le bal des HallesLEGLEY Victor
UaithneMERTENS Hardy
Meuse en harmoniesCREPIN Alain
Great themes from piano concertosHAECK Jean-Pierre
Australian outbackBOURGEOIS Derek
Cossack capersBOURGEOIS Derek
R H FHAECK Jean-Pierre
16 Warm-ups for symphonic band
  • N° 1 Allegro molto, espressivo e legato
  • N° 2 Andante
  • N° 3 Adagio
  • N° 4 Tempo di menuetto
  • N° 5 Moderato
  • N° 6 Andantino
  • N° 7 Allegro moderato
  • N° 8 Grave
  • N° 9 Allegro leggiero
  • N° 10 Lento molto espressivo
  • N° 11 Moderato molto espressivo e legato
  • N° 12 Allergro moderato
  • N° 13 Allegro moderato
  • N° 14 Adagio semplice e sempre legato
  • N° 15 Allegro moderato
  • N° 16 Allegro maestoso
Chinese ragHAECK Jean-Pierre
Senioren marsSWIMBERGHE Erwin
State-side stompBOURGEOIS Derek
Nás spolekPERIK Johan
Two Spanish bullsWELTERS Suzanne
The commanderFLIK Geert
Blues on paradeVAN DER JEUGHT Elie


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In the spotlights

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In memory of all souls who gave their lives during The Great War 1914-1918

Fanfares in Remembrance

Louis Martinus
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