BÔMONT Laurent

BÔMONT Laurent


After studying music at the Conservatory of Nancy, where he won a 1rst chamber music prize unanimously with congratulations and a 1rst trumpet prize unanimously from the jury, Laurent Bômont joined the CNSM of Paris in 1989 where he will receive a first prize for chamber music (Jean Douai Class) in 1991 and a first prize of trumpet unanimously of the first named jury (Class of Antoine Curé) in 1992. 

In 1994 he was received at the National Police Orchestra, as well as trumpet solo at the Lamoureux Concert orchestra.

Passionate about nowadays music, Laurent Bômont also became in 1990 the soloist of the Court-Circuit ensemble and 2e2m ensemble dedicated to contemporary music.

Invited by the greatest national and international renowned orchestras (Orchestre national de l’Opéra de Paris, Orchestre National de France, Orchestre de Paris, Ensemble inter-contemporain, Philharmonia of London, Birhmingam Orchestra, Köhln ensemble, Barcelona 216, Ictus ...) he plays under the direction of prestigious conductors such as Georges Prêtre, James Conlon, Peter Csaba, Christoph von Donnany, Sir Simon Rattle, Sir Georg Solti, Pierre Boulez ...

He has appeared as a soloist at major festivals such as the Euro International Trumpet Guild, IRCAM's Summer Academies, the Radio France Presence Festival, the Hong Kong Arts Festival, the Riga Arena Festival , the 38èmes rugissants of Grenoble, Musica in Strasbourg, the Tokyo Media Week, the Glasgow BBC, the Villa Medici in Rome ... and the world premiere of many contemporary pieces for solo trumpet, in particular in collaboration with IRCAM; Yann Maresz's "Metallics", Yongwoo Yim's "Fluid Dispersion" or Geoffrey Drouin's Crispy Grain, for which he is the dedicatee. Paul Méfano also dedicates him "speed" for trumpet alone, of which he makes the world premiere. 

Alongside his career as an instrumentalist, Laurent Bômont is passionate about composing and receives a training in harmony and counterpoint with Noël Lancien at the Nancy Conservatory. 

He composed and arranged many pieces for the CNR Big Band, the brass ensemble of the Nancy Conservatory (including a series of pieces "Bach in jazz" performed during a tour in Germany) and for the Orchestre Symphonique et lyrique of Nancy.

He conducts the  French National Music Police Orchestra for the creation of his first symphony « L’ombre du vent » (HAFABRA Music) based on the novel by C.R. Zafon.