DE BOECK Auguste


Julianus Marie August De Boeck (1865 – 1937) was a Flemish composer, organist and music pedagogue. He was the son of organist and director Florentinus (Flor) De Boeck (1826-1892). From 1880 he studied organ at theRoyal Conservatory of Brussels under Alphonse Mailly, whose assistant he became until 1902. In 1889 he met the young Paul Gilson who became a close friend and, despite being the same age, his teacher for orchestration. Gilson encouraged De Boeck's composition work. He became an organist at various churches in Belgian villages. His academic career continued in 1907 as professor of harmony at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (1909–1920) and the Brussels Conservatory, and as director of the Conservatory of Mechelen (1921–1930). In 1930 August De Boeck retired to his birthplace, Merchtem. As with Gilson, De Boeck's style was influenced by the Russian Five, and especiallyRismky-Korsakov. Along with Gilson, he introduced impressionist composition in Belgium. He wrote about 400 compositions including vocal work, opera's, religious pieces and instrumental compositions.