Wind and tree

Wind and tree

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[ES 47.329] Wind and tree (Vol. 6)

Royal Band of the Belgian Navy conducted by Peter SNELLINCKX

Orchestre : Royal Band of the Belgian Navy
Conducteur : Peter SNELLINCKX
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harmonie | fanfare | brass band
My fair harmonyGAY Bob and PEETERS Marcel
Concerto for brass sextet and wind orchestra
  • Moderato con moto
  • Andantino scherzando
  • Allegro con spirito
Wind and treeSMERDON MarkMERTENS Hardy
Highlights from The RockZIMMER HansDEVROYE Pascal
Saxo melodyQUEVY Louis
I lost rhythmDEVROYE Pascal
Ten romantic moods
  • I. Duo from Ritual
  • II. The walkyre's reward from Walhalla
  • III. Enlightenment from Nirvana's touch
  • IV. Theme from Requiem for the captive condor
  • V. The love for Jade Moon from The three storms
  • VI. Our morals and lifes from The eighteen levels of hell
  • VII. Famine and pestilence from Armageddon
  • VIII. Success from Pushing the limits
  • IX. Theme from Lest we forget
  • X. Finale from Cantico di frate sole
Rock feverWYCKHUYS Dominique
Leaden sunlightSMEETS Roland
The great escapeBERNSTEIN ElmerSMEETS Roland


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