Su ballu 'e s' arza

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Su ballu 'e s' arza
Su ballu 'e s'

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For melody and 3 percussion players

"Su Ballu 'e s'Arza" ("The Dance of the Black Widow Argia Spider"). Score : flexible instrumentation. Duration : approximately 2 minutes. After being bitten by a black spider at my Villa Sa Pavoncella garden three weeks earlier, some friends pointed out my stroke of luck that the "famous" lethal Argia had not been my deadly opponent in that very moment. Somebody must have been watching over me and therefore i composed this "Sardinian Tarantella" inside the San Carlo Borromeo Church of Carloforte, Isola di San Pietro. Close to the statue of the Virgin Mary. Please prepare for an electrifying prologue to the morbid music of "S'Accabadora".....

HAFABRA MusicNº 756
CompositeurMERTENS Hardy
Pour• Ensemble
Code prix7

Louis Martinus
Louis Martinus