Soaring with the eagles

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Soaring with the eagles
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Soaring with the

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“Soaring with the Eagles” takes you on an aerial journey as seen through the eyes of an eagle.

There are three main sections, each with their own main theme: The Eagle theme, the Unseen Beauty theme, and finally, the Soaring theme.

The beginning section with the Eagle theme, represents the eagle itself with a bold, majestic melody that is heard throughout the beginning and the end of the piece.

The second section with the Unseen Beauty theme, is proceeded by a brief transition into a slower tempo. The theme is first heard with a flute solo representing the seldomly seen eagle with the thin texture in the music. Once the full band abruptly comes in, the theme is played once again in a full band setting reminding us when an eagle is seen, it is a beautifully majestic experience.

The final section with the Soaring theme, finally takes you in flight as seen from the view of an eagle. With the soaring melody over the ostinato accompaniment, imagine being on the wings of an eagle flying over a beautiful mountain range and landing on the highest peak looking over the setting sun. The Eagle theme is reintroduced at the end, and the majestic bird disappears into the horizon.

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Louis Martinus
Louis Martinus