Goldsmith !

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Goldsmith !
Wind Band
Goldsmith !

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  • Arthur's fanfare from First knight

  • The parachutes from Air force one

  • Main theme from Star Trek

  • Theme from Papillon

  • Main title from Patton 

First Knight is a 1995 medieval film based on Arthurian legend. The film follows the rogue Lancelot's romance with Lady Guinevere of Leonesse, who is to marry King Arthur of Camelot, while the land is threatened by the renegade knight Malagant.

Air Force One is a 1997 American political action-thriller film about a group of Kazakh terrorists that hijack Air Force One, and the President of the United States' attempt to retake the plane, while saving as many lives as possible. The Parachutes is the first track of the score of this movie. Donald Trump has used the film’s score at campaign events and as victory music when at his election.

Star Trek is a 1979 American science fiction film based on the television series of the same name. The film is set in the twenty-third century, when a mysterious and immensely powerful alien cloud known as V'Ger approaches Earth, destroying everything in its path.

Papillon is a 1973 historical period drama prison film. The screenplay was based on the 1969 autobiography by the French convict Henri Charrière. The film's title is French for "Butterfly," referring to Charrière's tattoo and nickname.

Patton is a 1970 American epic biographical war film about U.S. General George S. Patton during World War II.

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HAFABRA MusicNº 310 ISRC BE-O89-13-00310
ComposerGOLDSMITH Jerry
ArrangerSMEETS Roland
For• Wind Band
Price code17

Film music vol. 2
Louis Martinus
Louis Martinus