A Cotswold symphony

A Cotswold symphony

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[ES 47.409] A Cotswold symphony (Masterpieces vol. 1)

Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides conducted by Norbert NOZY

Blasorchester : Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides
Partitur : Norbert NOZY
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Blasorchester | fanfare | brass band
Polovtsian dances
  • Dance of the young Polovtsian maidens
  • Introdution - Dance of the young slave maidens - Dance of the wild men
  • General dance - Dance of the Polovtsian slaves
  • Dance of the little boys - Dance of the men - Dance of the young maidens
  • Dance of the little boys - Dance of the men - General dance
Variazioni sinfoniche su non potho reposareMERTENS Hardy
EspañaCHABRIER EmmanuelSCHYNS José
A Cotswold symphony
  • Pastoral: Dawn: Mists rise over the Vale of Gloucester
  • Maypole
  • The Iron March of Rome
  • Church Bells: As sure as God's in Gloucestershire
  • The Old City: Gloucester
  • Epilogue: Pastoral


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