Persian dance n° 5

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Persian dance n° 5
Persian dance n°

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In these Dances commissioned by Louis Martinus, the Iranian composer uses some of the peculiarities of the Persian traditional and folkloristic music with a mixture of various rhythmic and structural approaches. In fact each dance is written in a different traditional Persian scale and there is a very strong tendency towards the creation of the melodies almost in the same way used by the Iranian composers of the traditional music in the past centuries. Furthermore, Molookpour on the one hand tries to create these dances with this kind of intention toward the melody structures, and on the other hand, he uses the western musical techniques of composition in a very simple manner to bring these two cultural diversities more close.

HAFABRA MusicNº 690
CompositeurMOLOOKPOUR Amir
Pour• Wind Band
Code prix10

La memoria delle pietre
Louis Martinus
Louis Martinus